Kitchen Decorating That Reflects Your Family’s Personality

It’s a new trend to decorate the home adopting a different theme for each room reflecting the character of the family or the family member occupying that room. Next time you remodel your home you will probably follow this trend. The kitchen is an area of the home where most of the family spends most of their time. Naturally then the mood of the kitchen should reflect the mood of the family.

It is when a family goes on a vacation that the entire family spends maximum time together and enjoys it; naturally for a long time after returning from the vacation, the family still lingers in that vacation spirit. Why not live those memories of the vacation and extend that lingering spirit allowing kitchen remodeling to reflect the atmosphere of the last vacation spot? You can always recreate a bit of the South Seas beaches or the Caribbean calypso mood to remind you of the joyous time you had together there every time you gather in the kitchen

If your family enjoys time in the countryside and surroundings, you could easily recreate a bit of that countryside living by transporting yourselves to those forgotten times in the remodeled kitchen. Use old crates for wall shelves, or old metal sign replicas in the kitchen remodeling themes. Let your way of life, your personality show through in the kitchen décor.

Involve your personality in kitchen remodeling copper range hoods

When roaming around the flea market or attending a garage sale, you often pick up something that takes your fancy. You may not have any use for it at that time, so it goes into storage. You collected these things because something about them appealed to you. If you pull out such items from storage, you would probably find ways to use them in kitchen decorating; such a remodeled kitchen will give you more pleasure because your personality would be involved into it through those items.

Quite often while remodeling a part of the house, people think of what is trendy – antique, contemporary or modern. But these trends might not have a link with your own personality. If you love the old world antique charm, why force yourself into a mismatch with your personality and choose the modern theme or anything like that because it is trendy? You have to live with that décor; then why not choose a décor which makes you feel happy and energetic? When planning kitchen remodeling, remember that you are the one who will be using the room every day and living with the result. Choose something that pleases you, adds to the value of the home and don’t worry about what others think of your choice

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